lampworked glassbeads from La Palma


We are a mother and daughter team of jewelry designers and lampworkers who have the privilege to live and work where others spend their holidays: in La Palma, one of the smaller (and lesser known :)) Canary Islands.


These Islands are situated in the Atlantic Ocean, at about the same geographical latitude as Florida, but closer to Africa. They belong to Spain, that’s why we chose our name in spanish – joyas de cristal means glass jewels.



In our creations, we use only prime materials: of course, our lampworked beads (you can read a bit more about these on our “home” page), hand selected gemstones, cut crystal beads of the highest  quality available, and the most beautiful pearls we can find. All metals we use, be it ornamental or functional parts like earwires or clasps, are sterling silver or gold plated sterling silver.